Premarital Counseling

It is vital to know your “marriage story”.

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The problem

Every person brings a host of thoughts and feelings to the idea of marriage; not so much who she will marry, but the idea of the person she will marry.

These thoughts and ideas come long before we actually meet our potential partner and are formed in the crucible of family, culture and, if you experienced this, a religious tradition. Each of these “voices” makes a significant contribution to how we view ourselves in the thoughts and dreams we have of marriage.

The process

It is vital we know our own “marriage story” as we move closer to the reality of marriage. This story is born primarily out of our family of origin, no matter the integration or disintegration of our parents’ marriage. We project innumerable decisions into our idea of our own marriage out of our experience with our parents.

With a combination of the SYMBIS assessment, counseling, and practical advice, each couple can know their marriage story.

The promise

Knowing your “marriage story” will clarify how you envision what your own marriage should—or shouldn’t—look like. This is essential early in every pre-marital conversation for we marry each other’s idea of marriage as much as we marry each other.

Our pre-marital program provides over 7.5 hours of individualized counseling.

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